Philippines government launches new NGV program in Cagayan

Philippines government launches new NGV program in Cagayan

The Department of Energy (DoE) recently introduced a Natural Gas Vehicle program in the province of

Cagayan in order to promote an energy efficient public transport. According to Daniel Collin G. Jornales,

Science Research Specialist of DoE, the initiative will provide for the structural change in the country’s

energy mix and strengthen the country’s fuel diversification program. “It will also add to our energy

security position and sustainable development as we move away from oil,” he said.

“In order to increase the use of natural gas, the DOE is developing critical infrastructures that will

efficiently deliver gas to the demand centers,” explained Collin G. Jornales. The DoE is also intensifying

exploration for indigenous gas deposits and continues to encourage the private sector to assist the

government in developing the natural gas industry.

The program is expected to enhance energy supply security in the transportation sector through fuel

diversification using indigenous natural gas, which has the potential to produce substantially lower

pollutant emissions and can provide a solution to the pressing environmental problems in urban areas.

Collin G. Jornales said the country’s source of natural gas is the Malampaya gas field, located in the

northwest Palawan region. It has an estimated recoverable reserve of 2.5 – 3.2 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of

gas. “With the long-term goal of tapping this clean energy for other uses, the government will provide an

enabling environment to encourage greater private sector involvement in its development,” he added. launches-new- ngv-program- in-cagayan/

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