Peruvian government approves law that promotes LNG in heavy vehicles

Peruvian government approves law that promotes LNG in heavy vehicles

Through the publication of Supreme Decree 016-2021-EM, the Ministry of Energy and Mining (Minem) approved the legislation that will give greater impulse to the commercialization of LNG in the heavy transport and industrial sectors, contributing to the economic reactivation of the country and giving carriers the option of having a more economical and less polluting fuel compared to diesel.

Minem authorized fuel retail establishments to have liquefaction equipment, which will allow them to sell LNG for urban, interprovincial and cargo transportation. Similarly, the law allows companies and industries, such as mining, agro-industries and others, to use natural gas for their production processes in their facilities, encouraging the change of the energy matrix and reducing dependence on oil as power source.

On the other hand, through Vice-Ministerial Resolution No. 018-2021- MINEM/VMH, the Minem approved a procedure to execute a program to convert the engine to natural gas with Euro V or higher technology, through financing that allows the return of the credit in a maximum term of 5 years and without interest. This program is aimed at heavy vehicles that use diesel.

With these actions, the Minem guarantees its commitment to advance in the widespread adoption of natural gas and promote the transition of the national energy matrix to cleaner fuels, following the National Energy Policy of Peru 2010-2040.

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