Peru: new compressor plant will help expand use of NGVs

Peru: new compressor plant will help expand use of NGVs

Minister of Energy and Mines Gonzalo Tamayo Flores participated in the opening ceremony of the new Natural Gas Compressor Plant “Kámani”, located in the district of Echarate (Cusco region), which will increase by 50% the transportation capacity of natural gas for the Peruvian market.

The ceremony took place at the Operations Center of Transportadora de Gas del Peru (TGP) in Lurin. The completion of the second stretch of the coast loop, a 24-inch and 31-kilometer long pipeline, located between the districts of Chilca and Lurin, was also announced.

“Both works, which are the product of a joint effort between private sector and the government, involved an investment of over $400 million and represent the culmination of the second phase of expansion of Camisea gas transport system, which will serve the growing demand for natural gas of different economic sectors of the country,” said Tamayo Flores.

The minister also stressed that this new compressor plant has a capacity of 72,000 HP and will mainly benefit Peruvian households, improving their quality of life by making economic use of natural gas and minimal environmental impact; as well as industries, CNG stations and power generators; thus consolidating the Government’s objective to reach a widespread adoption of natural gas in Peru.

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