Paris and Ile-de-France partner to promote use of natural gas vehicles

Paris and Ile-de-France partner to promote use of natural gas vehicles

The alliance, signed on December 18, also includes GrDF (gas distribution network company in France), SIGEIF (trade union of gas and electricity in the Ile-de-France) and La Poste (mail service), and all parties agreed to join forces to enable trial and large-scale implementation CNG. “To reduce the share of diesel vehicles and improve air quality, we need to build more eco-friendly alternatives and accessible to all. This partnership is a new milestone in the development of sustainable mobility,” said Christophe Najdovski, Paris Deputy Mayor and responsible for Transport.

Paris will test NGVs in its municipal fleet and upgrade its fueling sites to offer CNG, biomethane, electricity, as well as conventional fuels. SIGEIF will build natural gas stations connected to local communities. GrDF will provide its expertise on gas and sustainable mobility as well as its experience as a key player in the biomethane sector. La Poste will also test NGVs in its fleet and use its know-how in urban logistics to give advice on green mobility. Finally, Region Ile-de-France will provide financial support to develop stations and transform existing ones.

“We want to pave the way to travel 100% clean and this unique partnership demonstrates our common will to achieve it. SIGEIF, which boosted gas distribution network in Ile-de-France, will be a key player in the development and supply of fueling infrastructure in the region,” commented Jean-Jacques Guillet, Chairman of SIGEIF and Deputy Mayor of Chaville.

“Involved in the energy transition, we have the ambition to participate in the development of CNG and biomethane industry, which is one of the best responses to the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility. The bioCNG allows the establishment of a virtuous circular economy in the region,” said Sandra Lagumina, CEO of GrDF.

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