Oil and gas production in Brazil and abroad:Petrobras

Oil and gas production in Brazil and abroad:Petrobras

Petrobras announces that its average production of oil and natural gas, in Brazil and abroad, was 2.796 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed) in July 2015, an increase of 1.8% compared to June, when the volume produced was 2.746 million boed. This production is 3.6% higher than the registered in July 2014 (2.699 million boed).

Oil and gas production in Brazil

Petrobras’ total production of oil and natural gas in Brazil was 2.611 million boed, a 2.3% increase compared to the previous month (2.553 million boed).

Oil production was 2.142 million barrels of oil (bpd), 2.6% higher than the 2.088 million bpd produced in June. The increase is due to the starting of production of new wells in the P-58 platform, in the Parque das Baleias, and the P-62 plataform, in the Roncador field, both located in the Campos Basin; and of the FPSO Cidade de Mangaratiba, anchored in Iracema Sul, in the Santos Basin pre-salt area.

It is worth noting that, as disclosed to the market on July 31, 2015, the FPSO Cidade de Itaguaí started producing in Iracema Norte, located in the Lula field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt area. This new unit has the capacity to process 150 thousand barrels of oil and 8 million m³ of gas daily.

Natural gas production in Brazil, excluding the liquefied volume, was 74.524 million m³/day, 0.9% higher than the total produced in June (73.886 million m³/day).

New records in pre-salt

On July 8, pre-salt daily production record reached 865 thousand bpd. The monthly production hit 798 thousand bpd, 6.9% higher than historical record in June.

Oil and gas production abroad

184.6 thousand boed were produced abroad, 4.2% below the 192.7 thousand boed produced in June, mainly due to the scheduled shutdown of the Saint Malo field platform, located in the Gulf of Mexico, in the United States.

The average oil production was 95.9 thousand bpd, 5.9% lower than the 101.9 thousand bpd produced in june and the average natural gas production was 15.1 million m³/day, 2% below the previous month, which was 15.4 million m³/day.


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