No CNG supply hampers Industrial Production

Maintenance and repair work of the CNG gas pipeline which is scheduled from 27th November to 3rd December has halted the industrial production in many units situated in Tarapur MIDC. CNG gas is supplied in Tarapur MIDC by Gail India Company. Steel manufacturing giants like Tata Steel, JSW Steels and Viraj Alloys are major consumers of CNG. 130 other medium and large-scale industries use CNG as fuel in their manufacturing processes. Two CNG filling stations for vehicles in the Boisar area cater to more than 1000 auto rickshaws and many private vehicles from Boisar and Palghar areas. The unavailability of CNG has hampered all these public transport vehicles.

The construction work of Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFC) beside the existing western railway line on the east side is going on. The existing CNG supply pipeline which was three to four meters beneath the ground has to be relayed at a distance of eight to ten meters as per the safety norms of DFC.

The stoppage of the supply of CNG for a week has affected the production in industries in Tarapur MIDC. The public transport system is also stressed as almost 30 to 40% of autos are off the road.

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