Nitin Gadkari says he will drive his green hydrogen car in Delhi to show it’s possible

Nitin Gadkari says he will drive his green hydrogen car in Delhi to show it’s possible

Union minister Nitin Gadkari, who has been championing for alternative fuel, said it is not difficult to use hydrogen as fuel for cars, buses and trucks and India has all the raw materials required for this. 

Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday said he has bought a car that will run on green hydrogen produced at Faridabad’s oil research institute for a pilot project. Addressing a national summit on financial inclusion, the transport minister said he will drive that car in Delhi so that people believe it’s possible to get green hydrogen from water. The minister has been pitching for the prospects of green hydrogen as a potential transport fuel. “I have a plan to run buses, trucks and cars on green hydrogen that would be produced using sewage water and solid waste in cities,” the minister said in the summit.

Talking about a 7-year-old project that Gadkari had initiated in Nagpur where the sewage water would be recycled, Gadkari said now Nagpur sells its sewage water to Maharashtra government power plant and earns around 325crore in a year. “Nothing is waste. It depends on the vision of the leadership and technology that you can create wealth in waste. Now I am trying if we can create value in wastewater. Every municipality has this water,” he said.

“Train people so that green hydrogen can be produced from this water. We have solid waste which can be covered by solar rooftops giving electricity at a cheaper rate. So electricity comes cheap and we have water and electrolysers are now produced by India. We can produce green hydrogen and this can be an alternative fuel. All buses, trucks, cars can be run on this. This is not difficult. I have bought a hydrogen car which I am going to drive in Delhi because people take time to accept out-of-box ideas,” Gadkari said.

Talking about other innovative projects that the minister has been part of, Nitin Gadkari said on one wall of his room, he has got paint made from cow dung. “There will be no need for gorakshan as people will not sell their cows if we can create business viability of cow dung and cow urine. Phenyl can be made from cow urine,” the minister said.

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