NGVA Europe celebrates the 200th LNG station with updated map


NGVA Europe celebrates the 200th LNG station with updated map

Europe has reached a new milestone for sustainable transport: the 200th LNG fueling station was opened. This network provides fuel for the over 6.000 LNG trucks now running in Europe driving a low-carbon emissions transport system. This growth of LNG stations goes alongside with a dramatic increase of CNG stations to 3.630 (in Europe + EFTA). This number is increasing daily. Also, there are more and more fueling stations, providing 100% biomethane for European costumers. With 44 stations in Germany now also offering 100% biomethane, there are already 457 fueling stations delivering biomethane across Europe.

This development is backed by the Member State targets which are outlined in the Directive on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (2014/94/EU). Such policy instrument, alongside with projects such as the LNG Blue Corridors, which strongly contributed to establish LNG as a real alternative for medium- and long-distance transport, are important enablers for new CNG and LNG mobility.

In this important occasion of the 200th European LNG fueling station, NGVA Europe has presented the new updated version of its CNG & LNG stations map with new functions and modern user interface. The map not only provides an overview about European fueling stations, but also offers vast information ranging from fuel nozzles at the station, or opening hours, to detailed navigation services and planning for European costumers.

NGVA Europe, in collaboration with the European Biogas Association (EBA), has also developed an industry roadmap outlining the growth of both CNG and LNG stations in Europe towards 2030. According to this document, the number of LNG stations will increase from the current 207 to about 2.000 across the EU28, whereas CNG stations will increase their numbers around three times, from 3.630 to 10.000.

NGVA Europe backs and gives its support to AltFuels Iberia 2019, taking place on 11-14 June at IFEMA Trade Center, Madrid. It will be an event consisting of first level conferences and exhibition of vehicles of all kinds, refueling stations, components, plants, road and marine engines, as well as the entire universe of the alternative fuels industry with the latest technological developments, multiple options for networking, business and new advances. For more information, please contact

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