New French business will produce & market clean hydrogen for vehicles


New French business will produce & market clean hydrogen for vehicles

French energy company EDF recently announced the creation of “Hynamics”, a new subsidiary for the group, responsible for offering effective low-carbon hydrogen for mobility. With this commitment, EDF’s ambition is to become a key player in the hydrogen sector in France and around the world, as well as consolidating its contribution to the fight against climate change and for a low-carbon world.

Hynamics has opted for water electrolysis to produce its hydrogen, a technology that does not emit very much CO2 at all, as long as the electricity used itself comes from low-carbon production methods. Hynamics teams have already identified and worked on some 40 target projects, in France as well as other European countries including Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The subsidiary will offer low-carbon hydrogen solutions for different sectors, including mobility both public and professional. Hynamics will link up different areas with service stations to provide hydrogen to refuel fleets of commercial vehicles, like trains, buses, refuse trucks, utility vehicles and means of waterway transport.

Cédric Lewandowski, EDF Group Executive Director in charge of Innovation, corporate responsibility and strategy announced: “The production of hydrogen without CO₂ emissions is a key factor in the ecological transition. By embracing a new area of activity, the group is capitalizing on its employees’ skills, expertise and capacity for innovation, for the benefit of our clients. Together with all the different stakeholders, EDF would like to contribute to the French and European hydrogen sector in an international market that represents a fantastic opportunity in terms of growth and jobs.”

Christelle Rouillé, Hynamics’s Managing Director, also commented: “Working with industry and different regions by supporting their decarbonation projects is a challenge that Hynamics plans to embrace with a solution for producing hydrogen without CO₂ emissions with multiple uses and in an economically efficient way. We are focusing in particular on industry and mass mobility, two sections of the economy that produce a lot of CO₂, with a view to nurturing partnerships.”

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