Natural gas, the best alternative fuel for Mexican consumers

Natural gas, the best alternative fuel for Mexican consumers

Through a report from Bloomberg TV, representatives from the Mexican energy industry made their contribution on the current natural gas scenario and how this fuel, thanks to its stable price and low emissions, can help improve the local economy as well as reduce the pollution of large cities.

“It is a great opportunity for Mexicans to be able to take advantage of the potential that we have as a country. The price of natural gas is the cheapest in the world. But its use as a vehicle fuel is not widespread,” said Javier Orozco, Manager of Commercial Development at Neomexicana.

On the other hand, Luis Felipe Echavarría, president of the Energy Commission of COPARMEX (Mexican Employers’ Association), pointed out that the tendency to have a competitive natural gas price should be maintained over time, since Mexico, as well as countries such as the United States, has proven gas reserves and is ranked number six in the world ranking of natural gas availability.

For those who do not know the environmental benefits of NGVs, Orozco said that through their use CO2 emissions (25%), NOx (35%) and suspended particles (100%) can be reduced, which can help cut pollution in cities such as CDMX and improve the health of citizens.

The present and future of the industry is very encouraging as demand for compressed natural gas is expected to double in the next two years. However, the great challenge for the development of the market is that “there is clear political will, that national actions are taken to support natural gas,” said Echavarría. Orozco agreed, adding: “We need the government to support us, since the general knowledge about natural gas is very important, it is necessary to know that it is a great fuel and the future of the next 10 years for Mexico.”

Currently, with the use of CNG drivers can save about 55% compared to gasoline and 33% compared to diesel. The country has 9,000 NGVs and 26 CNG stations. It should be added that the cars that operate with this fuel are exempt from the program ‘Hoy no Circula’ (which restricts the circulation of vehicles according to their license plate).

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