Naples-based logistics company debuts Scania natural gas vehicles

Naples-based logistics company debuts Scania natural gas vehicles

Casilli Enterprise, an Italian transport and logistics company based in Nola, near Naples, recently upgraded its fleet with Scania R 500 and natural gas-powered Scania R 410 trucks. Casilli Enterprise has been operating for four generations. It is managed by the brothers Francesco and Raffaele Casilli, along with their father Cosimo.

“We’ve always welcomed innovations in our industry and believe that is fundamentally important to be a pioneer in reducing the environmental impact of heavy transport,” said Managing Director Francesco Casilli. “We continue to invest in sustainability even as the national and world economy is severely affected by the global crisis. We’re convinced that it is only through investments that we can revive the economy.”

The Scania LNG tractors, which are the brand’s new “Green Truck,” feature a 13-liter natural gas engine, a torque of 2,000 Nm and 410 HP. They reduce carbon emissions by 500 tons per year and run quieter than diesel alternatives.

They are also equipped with Lamberet isothermal semi-trailer which provides a significant reduction in CO2 but, above all, a substantial reduction in consumption and therefore a better total operating economy.

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