Murcia-based carrier chooses LNG IVECO S-WAY to decarbonize logistics

Murcia-based carrier chooses LNG IVECO S-WAY to decarbonize logistics

Transportes El Mosca, a Murcia-based company specialized in national and international transport and storage of goods, and large volume frozen or refrigerated transport, has acquired 20 IVECO S-WAY trucks powered by LNG, of which 10 have already been delivered, through the official IVECO dealer Ginés Huertas in Murcia.

“At El Mosca we value very positively the technological advances that IVECO is developing towards the decarbonization of transport. Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars of El Mosca. We are going to take all the necessary measures to reduce emissions and achieve green transport. In this sense, IVECO trucks powered by LNG are an ideal alternative, not only because of the reduction in emissions, but also because it also means a reduction in operating costs,” said Antonio Hernández, Head of Fleet, Transportes El Mosca.

The IVECO S-WAY NP not only offers all the advantages of natural gas, the only immediate and low-emission alternative to diesel in the heavy-duty vehicle segment, but also emits 90% less NO2, 95% of particulate matter and 95% less CO2 with the use of biomethane (from well to wheel).

One of the keys to the success of the IVECO S-WAY NP is that it is designed to make drivers feel at home and facilitate their work during missions, in addition to favoring high business productivity thanks to its low TCO. “Some of the strengths are the autonomy and the soundproofing of the cabin. Likewise, one of the things that we liked the most is the design of the cabin, which facilitates the vision of the drivers,” added Hernández.

The new IVECO S-WAY cabin design, where you live, sleep and work, focuses on the driver, and offers high-level living and working conditions with a spacious environment, exceptional driving ergonomics and a well-planned design that combines functionality with comfort. One of the key points was the extension of the interior height of the cabin up to 2.15 meters, offering more space for the driver, with a more comfortable mattress, two refrigerators and a night module that controls the entire truck.

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