Monthly Production Report for April, 2021

Natural gas production during April,2021 was 2651.49MMSCM which is 22.68% higher than the production duringApril, 2020 but lower by 1.02% than the monthly target. Unit-wise and state-wise natural gas production are given at Annexure-II. Unit-wise natural gas production for the month of April, 2021 and same period of last year are shown in Table-2 and month-wise in Figure-2.

    1. Natural gas production by ONGC in the nominationblocks during April, 2021 was 1725.50MMSCM which is 4.42% lower than the target and 0.01% lower than the production during April, 2020. Reasons for shortfall in production are as under:

 Less than planned production from Vasistha/S1 wells due to reservoir related issues. Delay in commencement of gas production from U1 field of KG-98/2 Cluster-II due to COVID-19 impact as manufacturing of subsea items and well completion got delayed.  Evacuation constraint in 36” BPA-Hazira Gas Pipeline. 

    1. Natural gas production by OILin the nomination block during April, 2021 was 215.13 MMSCM which is 6.47% higher than the production during April, 2020 but lower by 10.19% than the monthly target. Reasons for shortfall in production are as under:

 Low upliftment/demand of gas by the major customers. Bandhs /blockade by local people and associations after the Baghjan Blowout.

Natural gas production by Pvt/JVs companiesin the PSC& CBM regime during April,2021 was 710.86MMSCM which is 12.10% higher than the target and 204.33% higherthan the production during April, 2020.

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