Mixed Renewable Gas Unit: Galician project will now investigate creation of green hydrogen and synthetic gas

Mixed Renewable Gas Unit: Galician project will now investigate creation of green hydrogen and synthetic gas

The research projectMixed Renewable Gas Unit, funded by the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) and developed by Naturgy, EnergyLab and Edar Bens, continues its R&D&I work after receiving additional funding for its consolidation and for the launch of new lines of development.

In this new phase, the work carried out so far in the Mixed Unit of biogas and biomethane Research will be completed, which has achieved remarkable results such as the start-up of a membrane-based purification plant and of the first biological methanization plant in Spain. The biomethane generated in these pilot projects is already being used as an alternative fuel in Edar Bens’ fleet of vans and in a converted urban bus.

The new stage of the project, which will last until 2023 and has a budget of more than 2 million euros, is also going to bet on the research of other renewable gases such as green hydrogen and bio-syngas, which will allow evaluate its impact on current infrastructures and final consumers.

“The Mixed Unit is a clear commitment from Edar Bens, Naturgy and EnergyLab to the use of energy resources that are more respectful of the environment, thus laying the foundations for the energy transition, and with a firm vocation to respond to the concerns associated with current problems such as climate change and environmental deterioration,” said the mayor of the A Coruña City Council and president of Edar Bens SA, Inés Rey.

Within the project, five new lines of research will be developed:

  • Improved biogas production through co-digestion and nutrient recovery.
  • Generation of green hydrogen: thanks to the energy use of the purified water flow, which will be turbined, hydrogen will be generated through the electrolysis of water.
  • Biohydrogen production: through dark fermentation, which is a biological process (initial stages of anaerobic digestion) with which hydrogen is generated from the degradation of organic matter.
  • Gasification of sewage sludge to obtain bio-syngas (synthetic biogas).
  • Study of the impact of the use of different renewable gases and their mixtures, from the point of view of injection into the gas network and their use in stationary and mobile applications (vehicles).

With this, the Unit seeks once again to align itself with the different European policies aimed at achieving economic growth under three fundamental premises: smart growth (through the development of knowledge and innovation); sustainable growth (based on a greener, more efficient in resource management and more competitive economy) and inclusive growth (aimed at reinforcing employment and social and territorial cohesion).


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