Mexico: state of Puebla supports more investments in NGV industry

Mexico: state of Puebla supports more investments in NGV industry

The government of Puebla plans to encourage companies to invest in natural gas for vehicles and become a pioneer in the development of that commercial sector, according to the director of the State Energy Agency Rodrigo Osorio Díaz, who noted that the state administration is wants to support all projects that take advantage of alternative energy sources, such as natural gas and biogas produced from waste.

The official pointed out that Puebla has an ideal geographical location, since it has connections with Mexico City and the Port of Veracruz, which must be used by the private sector. “We are at the heart of development for logistics,” said Osorio Díaz. He also commented that the state administration is already preparing a proposal to venture into the production of natural gas for vehicles, so the state can be a spearhead in that sector, based on the participation of private capital.

The state government is willing to bet on the generation of profits through the incursion into energy generation through alternative sources, so it will foster and support an optimal relationship with investors, Osorio explained.

During the agency’s presentation earlier this year, Rodrigo Osorio said that the entity will have a trust that will act on the principle of “maximum transparency”, since it will concentrate the investors’ capital. Until that date, the government of Puebla had 16 letters of intention to invest, which represent resources of 20 billion pesos, said the official, who specified that investments of 40 billion are planned during Governor Barbosa Huerta’s administration, reported

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