Mexico: State of Nuevo León updates bus fleet with new NGVs and EVs

Mexico: State of Nuevo León updates bus fleet with new NGVs and EVs

In order for Nuevo León to have a better public transport system and, in turn, improve mobility in the metropolitan area, Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda announced the acquisition of 510 low and zero-emission buses that will provide higher quality and more environmentally friendly service.

The governor indicated that they will introduce 400 natural gas vehicles, of which they expect to receive the first 100 during the first three months of the administration. The remaining units will be electric buses. With this tender, he seeks to considerably reduce the CO2 indices that daily affect air quality and the health of citizens.

“We are going to tender 510 units now, and it is very important to explain that Nuevo León is going to be a national reference in non-polluting vehicles. Today in the market we have more possibilities of acquiring natural gas buses, a fuel that is cheaper, less dangerous and pollutes three times less than diesel,” said the official.

“If a transport company or operator continues with that mentality of the old policy of ‘do not audit me, do not touch me, I charge in cash and the State does not intervene,’ it leaves, it disappears. We have a line of new businessmen who want to provide public service and we have 500 buses that are going to arrive so as not to struggle for a single minute to remove whoever wants to interfere with the Nuevo León mobility project,” added García Sepúlveda.

The press conference was also attended by Hernán Villarreal Rodríguez, Secretary of Mobility and Urban Planning; and José Manuel Valdez Gaytán, Director of the Mobility Institute, who reported that the vehicles will have a technology that emits less pollutants, in addition to a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.

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