Mexico: new plant in Tampico will process waste into biogas for vehicles

Mexico: new plant in Tampico will process waste into biogas for vehicles

Through a private investment of 15 million dollars, a modern organic waste processing plant will be installed in Tampico, State of Tamaulipas, whose purpose will be to contribute to the recycling and conversion of garbage through state-of-the-art technological processes. Hova Green will be in charge of installing this modern facility, reported VoxPopuliNoticias.

The company will install an eco-park that includes a recovery plant for inorganic material through which plastics, cardboard and aluminum foil will be separated, which will be sent for recycling. This will represent to the municipality a reduction of 18% of the garbage that is commonly transferred to the sanitary landfill.

In addition, an anaerobic biodigestion system will be developed. It will treat 100% of the organic waste generated by the municipality, one of the main causes of pollution and generators of greenhouse gases. “With this we are going to obtain a biogas that will be converted into natural gas for vehicles, so that the City Council has the benefit of using this product as fuel for its vehicle fleet,” said the representative of Hova Green, José Raúl Priego Carrillo.

The businessman also pointed out that the construction works will begin in September and will have a construction period of 12 months. However, it will be carried out in stages, which will allow its operation in the first months of the process.

“A little over a year ago, we carried out the installation of a modern transfer center on the land of the old Tampico municipal garbage dump. This action has allowed us to compact and process the garbage that is generated every day in our city through an innovative process for its safe and sustainable transfer to the Altamira landfill. And today, continuing with our purpose of improving the quality of life of the population, we continue to expand synergies to obtain savings, and provide a better service in garbage collection,” said the Mayor of Tampico Jesús Nader.

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