Mexico: new CNG bus fleet enters service in the center of Guadalajara

Mexico: new CNG bus fleet enters service in the center of Guadalajara

A total of 50 King Long natural gas buses, belonging to the new fleet that was subjected to a mechanical review on May 12, became operational in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, after completing all the procedures for it, through the C125-V2 route. The 10.5- and 12-meter vehicles will circulate on López Mateos, Mariano Otero and Washington avenues.

These NGVs are part of the 166 buses that arrived from China through the Port of Manzanillo, and belong to Mi Transporte Fleet Renewal program carried out jointly between carriers and the Government of the State of Jalisco, which will include a total 1,060 units from different manufacturers delivered a few months ago and concluding in August.

The new CNG buses comply with all the technical and security specifications established in the state, are adapted to include Mi Movilidad card collection system, have Braille reading information, a tactile floor, and three interior and two exterior security cameras, as well as a disinfection system by means of herbicide light and aspersion that will be used when reaching their bases. Some vehicles also include bike racks on the front.

In addition, they include three electronic route signs (one on the front and two on the side), a preferred area for the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities, as well as a ramp for wheelchair access.

All these models also have automatic transmission and air suspension to give more comfort to users. On the other hand, the 12-meter models have air conditioning and interior screens.

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