Mexico: Aguascalientes announces new urban transport with NGVs


Mexico: Aguascalientes announces new urban transport with NGVs

With the introduction of the 55 new CNG buses for the public transport network #YOVOY, the emission of 1,000 tons of pollutants into the air each year will be avoided, reported the Secretariat of Sustainability, Environment and Water of the State (SSMAA). The head of the agency, Alfredo Alonso Ruiz Esparza, presented a report to Governor Martín Orozco Sandoval about the benefits of this new green fleet to the air quality.

He argued that unlike the old models, these buses work with natural gas, which also encourages switching to clean technology systems, combating climate change and favoring the environment. He also pointed out that this advance in the modernization of public transport is an effort to generate benefits for the environment, since emissions of smog, monoxide and carbon dioxide are reduced.

Ruiz Esparza explained that future urban buses are expected to operate under stricter pollution controls or international standards, such as the Euro 5, to ensure that in the medium or long term they do not emit large quantities of pollutants in the air of Aguascalientes.

Moreover, he added that the goal is to achieve savings of 3,000 tons of pollutants per year with the entry into operation of more vehicles of this type, and called on citizens to make greater use of the public transport system to enhance the reduction of pollutant emissions.

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