Madrid expands fleet of CNG buses for urban and interurban transport

Madrid expands fleet of CNG buses for urban and interurban transport

The Community of Madrid continues to expand the fleet of sustainable vehicles in the network of urban and interurban buses of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium, since 16 new MAN buses powered by compressed natural gas became operational. The new vehicles will provide service on four lines (496, 484, 488 and L-1), operated by the Martin company, running through Legan├ęs, Arroyomolinos, Getafe and Fuenlabrada.

The 16 CNG buses, which have involved an investment of 3.8 million euros, will allow reducing CO2 emissions by 20% and particulate and NOx emissions by 85% compared to those that use diesel as fuel. In addition, they will reduce noise by 50% compared to the levels of a conventional bus.

Currently, the interurban fleet of the Regional Transport Consortium, made up of 2,061 vehicles, has 27.7% of buses powered by alternative fuels, such as natural gas. The fleet has an average age of 4.5 years and is 100% accessible.

Since the beginning of this administration, 180 intercity buses have already been renovated, with an investment of 49.5 million euros. It is expected that this year 130 more vehicles will be renewed, with a disbursement of 41.2 million euros. All buses will have the most demanding European standard (Euro 6) and at least 20% of the fleet will remain made up of vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

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