LNG-powered vehicles for waste collection in Piacenza


LNG-powered vehicles for waste collection in Piacenza

Iren Spa, an Italian multi-service company, mainly focused on the production and distribution of electricity, gas, district heating and other public utility services, has recently announced the entry into service of new LNG-powered vehicles for waste collection in the historic center of Piacenza (the city where the company also provides environmental services).

As reported by the Italian LNG initiative ConferenzaGNL, the new rear compactors, identifiable by the words “Sono eco, vado a metano LNG” are Scania vehicles adapted by Farid Industrie Spa, a company specialized in vehicles for the collection of waste.

The vehicles mount tanks with a capacity of 400 liters and are refueled at the nearby LNG service station in Via Caorsana. The facility was the first to be built in Italy and for years had the record of LNG being supplied in Europe also thanks to the nearby truck depot of the LC3 in Gubbio, which in turn was the first Italian transport company to purchase LNG vehicles from Iveco.

Massimo Carini, head of Iren Ambiente spa’s Officine Emilia, said: “I took part in the purchase of the vehicles, the first to enter the market in the waste collection sector. If they meet our requirements in terms of reliability, the intention is to extend the new LNG supply to other types of vehicle.”

“I’m happy with this innovation,” commented Paolo Mancioppi, Councilor for the Environment and Mobility of Piacenza. “It’s important that Iren renews its collection systems, with the aim of achieving ever greater environmental sustainability in the services to be provided.”

“Iren is at the forefront of the use of new technologies,” said Iren Ambiente Operations Director Giovanni Chinosi. “The new means of waste collection combine efficiency, which is required in the performance of services, with respect for the environment in terms of lower impact and higher productivity.”


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