LNG-fuelled LEG ships debut

 LNG-fuelled LEG ships debut

Two groundbreaking liquefied ethylene gas carriers designed to use LNG as a fuel will be named in the UK today.

The 4,768-cbm Coral Star and Coral Sticho, which were contracted by Dutch owner Anthony Veder at Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding in China, are chartered to Saudi Basic Industries Corp (Sabic).

The vessels will be used to ship ethylene from Sabic’s Wilton plant on Teesside in the northeast of the UK to northwest Europe and Scandinavia.

Veder claim the ships will reduce NOx emissions by over 85%, CO2 by 20% and almost completely eradicate SOx and soot particles.

“We are proud to be the first chemical company in the world to be transporting our products on carriers running on LNG and to have an innovative partner in Anthony Veder,” Sabic’s European supply chair director of chemical Wouter Vermijs said.


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