LNG consumption CNG stations’ conversion under way

LNG consumption CNG stations’ conversion under way

ISLAMABAD: Experts have praised the government’s move to promote the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in vehicles in place of compressed natural gas (CNG). In a statement on Saturday, Pakistan Economy Watch Chairman Aslam Khan said as per plan, the conversion of CNG stations into RLNG was in progress and the filling stations would not get natural gas in future. “Instead, CNG stations will use imported LNG, which will bring an end to the scarcity of gas for vehicles during winter,” he said. Khan said the move would reduce the oil import bill by almost 20% as well as help control environmental pollution and transport fares. Khan said the imported LNG would be around 20-25% cheaper than petrol, which would provide relief to millions of people linked to the transport sector and commuters.


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