Lidl makes food deliveries with Scania bio-LNG truck in Finland

Lidl makes food deliveries with Scania bio-LNG truck in Finland

Transport Harri Mikkola’s new truck and trailer combination features the latest technology to minimize carbon emissions while ensuring reliable food deliveries. In addition to switching to a bio-LNG powered Scania G 410, Transport Harri Mikkola has installed a hybrid temperature control system in the tractor unit.

The 25-meter truck and trailer combination has been operating for food retailer Lidl since September 2020. The same delivery route that earlier was carried out with a 500 HP diesel truck is now operated with the natural gas Scania G 410 with total weight ranging from 40 to 60 tons.

“We aim to have at least 20% of our transports operate on low-carbon fuels by 2025. Biogas is a good option at the moment and we intend to add more gas-powered vehicles in the coming years,” said Lidl Suomi’s Project Manager Aki Vanhanen.

Transport Harri Mikkola’s experience after the first months is good. “The truck is quiet and driver friendly, and fuel costs are lower than with a conventional diesel combination,” commented Teemu Mikkola, Transport Director at the company. “Fuel consumption for the temperature control system has also decreased.”

Transport Harri Mikkola monitors operations through the Scania Fleet Management system. “We drive 400 km in one day, so the truck is refueled every other day. Usually there is still 20% left in the tank. We were a little worried about refueling beforehand, but it has gone smoothly,” added Teemu Mikkola.

The company, which specializes in food transport, upholds a high load factor through compartment partitions. Their trucks can carry up to four food groups, requiring different temperatures, on the same trip. The delivery can therefore at the same time include both frozen goods, and fruit and vegetables at +14 degrees.

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