IVECO starts the largest delivery of CNG trucks in South America

IVECO starts the largest delivery of CNG trucks in South America

IVECO began the historic delivery of 100 Stralis NP Cursor 13 trucks powered by CNG to NRG Argentina S.A., a supplier of fracture sand for the oil and gas industry. The first delivery consists of 10 vehicles and is part of the largest CNG truck sales operation in South America.

“We started a large delivery of trucks, where we are happy to continue creating strategic alliances. NRG Argentina is a company with great pillars of sustainability and IVECO, with an experience of more than 20 years in the development of gas powered trucks in Europe, knowledge that it embodied in its state-of-the-art truck factory located in Córdoba, is an unbeatable option to take care of the environment and ensure the profitability of our client,” said Márcio Querichelli, head of IVECO in South America.

The trucks will have the service of maintenance contracts that the brand offers through its wide network of dealers. In this sense, NRG Argentina will be assisted with the development of an exclusive service and maintenance center within the company’s base of operations in Río Negro. The objective of this management is to provide support so that the new fleet can develop its operations with a high standard service and assistance of the dealer in the area.

“We are proud to begin the delivery of trucks for NRG Argentina, a company that is committed to the environment and sustainability. This is just the beginning of a great story for IVECO and for the development of alternative energy in transportation. It is a great milestone and a game changer for carriers, who now have a profitable and environmentally friendly option,” said Francisco Spasaro, commercial director of IVECO in Argentina.

“The delivery of these trucks is very important for NRG Argentina since they are the first units of a total of 100 that allow us to offer the last mile service taking into account both the excellence in the execution of the tasks for our clients and the protection for the environment, since these CNG units reduce emissions of toxic gases and greenhouse gases. Thus, we made progress in the implementation of our triple impact strategy by considering both the economic aspects of the business as well as the social and environmental aspects,” added César Güercio, CEO of NRG Argentina S.A.

The new vehicles acquired by the Rio Negro company have the highest technology, as well as superior design and equipment compared to their diesel counterpart, with a benefit of up to 50% in reducing fuel costs. They have an AS440S46T/P 6×2 configuration and a gas emission that presents extraordinary reductions of up to 90% of nitrogen dioxide, 99% of particles and up to 95% of carbon dioxide when biomethane is used. In addition, they have a PIEK certification that guarantees noise levels below 71dB, AEBS brake technology, hydraulic retarder, ESP and air suspension on the rear axle, prepared for scalability.

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