IVECO manufactures the first natural gas truck in Argentina

IVECO manufactures the first natural gas truck in Argentina

IVECO has once again achieved a historic milestone in sustainable transportation by manufacturing the first CNG Tector model at its Ferreyra Industrial Pole, located in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. The brand, which since its resumption of activities at its plant has been carrying out full work shifts and complying with the necessary requirements in terms of safety and hygiene, is the first to produce a commercial truck powered by an alternative fuel in the country.

“Our ‘Natural Power’ range is once again writing in the history of commercial vehicles powered by clean fuels, and now with the manufacture of a totally national product that positions us as pioneers of CNG in Argentina. We will continue expanding these alternative energy milestones from IVECO in both Argentina and South America,” said Márcio Querichelli, IVECO leader in South America.

“More than a year ago we reached a milestone in Argentina with the launch of the ‘Natural Power’ range and currently we can say that we have CNG trucks manufactured in the country. This is a source of pride and a great commitment to the national market. In addition, this line responds mainly to a change in the energy matrix in the region, where we will continue to be at the forefront by offering our carriers an economically and ecologically more sustainable solution for their operations,” added Francisco Spasaro, Commercial Director of IVECO in Argentina.

The latest generation of the “Natural Power” range has a design and implements equivalent to its diesel pair with a benefit of around 50% in reducing fuel costs.

The brand new CNG Tector, which received the commercialization and manufacturing approval in July, contemplates the 160E21 configuration of said model. It is produced in a rigid version and a 4×2 configuration powered by a FPT Industrial NEF 6 engine, OTTO cycle of 210 HP and 750 Nm of torque.

The vehicle has six CNG tanks, each with a capacity of 80 liters, giving it an approximate range between 350 and 400 kilometers, offering power and a low level of gaseous and sound emissions, ideal for urban applications. In addition, it has front parabolic suspension, gearbox with six gears and driver’s seat with air suspension. It also offers a modern and ergonomic interior with a shift command integrated into the dash.

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