IVECO boosts commitment to NGVs to achieve zero-emission mobility

IVECO boosts commitment to NGVs to achieve zero-emission mobility

IVECO continues with its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Since it began to develop natural gas technology for the transport of goods more than 20 years ago, the manufacturer has managed to reduce CO2 emissions in the logistics processes of its Madrid and Valladolid plants in 2020, it has sold more than 35,000 industrial vehicles fueled by LNG, and continues to lead the transition to zero emissions transportation.

The brand has been one of the main protagonists of the second edition of the “Future and viability of vehicles powered by Natural Gas” forum, organized by Prensa Ibérica, to promote the knowledge about the latest technological advances on the market, sustainable and efficient mobility in urban environments and in road transport, and the user’s experience with natural gas vehicles. The event featured representatives from the different autonomous communities.

Mateu Lladó, General Director of Mobility and Land Transport of the Balearic Government, said: “We value that natural gas is the instrument to be able to reliably develop this energy transition towards lower emissions. We have the practical case in the new intercity bus network on the island of Mallorca, which is going to be put into operation in January. It is also worth noting that the city of Palma opted for this energy for its urban fleet long ago.” The Balearic capital, in its commitment to alternative energies, renewed its public urban transport fleet last year by acquiring 60 units of the IVECO BUS Urbanway natural gas bus.

“Natural gas is called to play a fundamental role at the present time and for many years,” said David Valle Rodríguez, General Director of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Community of Madrid. This community has a wide and very efficient natural gas station network that guarantees supply to all users.

Subsequently, Jose María Chamizo, Director of Alternative Energies at IVECO Spain, highlighted the increase in the sale of natural gas vehicles thanks to the conviction of customers by the advantages of this technology: “Sales are skyrocketing. In Spain we are close to reaching 2,000 LNG heavy industrial vehicles, for long distance, purchased by carriers. The launch of the 460hp IVECO S-WAY has been one of the main factors, since the carriers needed a sustainable vehicle that was powerful and efficient to carry out their missions. We have noticed that the people who are buying LNG trucks are customers who already have vehicles powered by this fuel. They bet again on these vehicles because they are aware of the benefits of natural gas, it is good for the pocketbook and also reduces the carbon footprint.”

“IVECO is aware that in the future, there will be a coexistence of energies, natural gas, electricity and hydrogen fuel cell, for the different clients with their different missions. But, right now, natural gas is the only real, competitive, mature technology and sustainable,” added Chamizo.

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