Italy brings technology & know-how to Russia to develop NGV mobility


Italy brings technology & know-how to Russia to develop NGV mobility

With the indispensable collaboration of Gazprom Italy, the President of NGV Italy Maria Rosa Baroni, who has maintained close ties with the Gazprom vertex for years, has recently invited a delegation of industrialists and governors of some regions of the Russian Federation led by Viktor Zubkov, President of Gazprom and official Representative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Zubkov, as delegate of the President, has decided to implement the widespread use of natural gas in Russian mobility with the localization of natural gas components and industrial vehicles and has asked NGV Italy to bring the Italian experience to Russia.

The important delegation was received in Milan by the President and the Government Board of the Lombardy Region. During the meeting the best cases and practical examples carried out by the Region to sustain and encourage the use of NGVs were examined and illustrated, while a Business Forum dedicated to the Lombard and Russian industrialists operating in the sector was developed.

As a concrete demonstration of the Russian Federation’s willingness to take advantage of the expertise and experience of NGV Italy and its associated companies, whose leadership is internationally recognized, Zubkov required the signing of an important Memorandum between President Baroni and the President of NGV Russia Valery Golubev (ex MoB de Gazprom) to certify a close collaboration between both associations.

The main objectives of this agreement are reinforcing the regulatory activities according to ISO standards and guaranteeing the suitability of those who wish to participate in the project, including the necessary investments for locating and transferring the know-how to encourage the use of natural gas in light and heavy vehicles, from factory or converted.

The Russian Ministry of Energy will soon implement an incentive system to ensure the success of the project, of which NGV Italy is an operating partner.

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