Iran to store gas in Azerbaijani tanks

Iran to store gas in Azerbaijani tanks

Deputy oil minister has reported on the talks with a private firm to export and store Iranian gas in

storage tanks of Azerbaijan Republic.

Hamid Reza Araghi, the Managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), pointed to new

approached for providing impassable areas of the country with gas saying “accordingly, for the first time in

Iran’s gas industry, gas transfer to Chabahar power plant through Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has been

put on the agenda.”

The official also referred to the held negotiations with a private company for exports and storage of

natural gas in Azerbaijan’s underground tanks asserting “the talks are not being conducted between

governments of the two sides while Iran cooperates with regional countries in area of gas trade as a macro


“More than 97 percent of the urban population and 67% of rural population have access to natural gas,”

noted the official stressing “moreover, a total of 72 power plants, 2200 CNG stations as well as numerous

petrochemical industries have been provided with gas.”

Araghi also touched upon implementation of new South Pars phases and the rise in the country’s gas

production capacity in the current year; “gas projects have been accelerated over the past three months

with completion of Phases 12, 15, 16 and 17 as well as a portion of Phase 19.”

NIGC managing director went on to underline that increased access to natural gas has reduced

consumption of liquid fuel reiterating “escalated share of gas in the country’s fuel basket has had several

significant advantages like increased efficiency and optimized consumption, reduction of environmental

emissions as well as less need for importing liquid fuel.” store-gas- in-Azerbaijani- tanks

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