Initiatives to Increase Production of Domestic Oil and Gas

The following information was given by the Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha on 10th March 2021 –

1. Long Term Initiatives

  1. Policy for Relaxations, Extensions and Clarifications under Production Sharing Contract (PSC) regime for early monetization of hydrocarbon discoveries, 2014.

  2. Discovered Small Field Policy, 2015.

  3. Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy, 2016.

  4. Policy for Extension of Production Sharing Contracts, 2016 and 2017.

  5. Policy for early monetization of Coal Bed Methane 2017

  6. Setting up of National Data Repository, 2017.

  7. Appraisal of Unappraised areas in Sedimentary Basins 2017

  8. Re-assessment of Hydrocarbon Resources 2017

  9. Policy framework to streamline the working of Production Sharing Contracts in Pre-NELP and NELP Blocks, 2018.

  10. Policy to Promote and Incentivize Enhanced Recovery Methods for Oil and Gas, 2018.

  11. Policy framework for exploration and exploitation of Unconventional Hydrocarbons under existing Production Sharing Contracts, Coal Bed Methane contracts and Nomination fields, 2018.

  12. Policy framework for Exploration and exploitation of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) from areas under Coal Mining Lease allotted to Coal India Limited (CIL) and its subsidiaries 2018

  13. Reforms in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy for enhancing domestic exploration and production of oil and gas 2019

2. Short term initiatives

  1. Early Monetization of Existing Discoveries.

  2. Improving Recovery Factor through implementation of IOR and EOR techniques.

  3. Revival of sick wells.

  4. Infill Drilling of wells.

  5. Renewal of Facilities and other infrastructure.

  6. Monetization of small and marginal discoveries in onshore through service contract and outsourcing.

  7. Redevelopment of existing matured fields and development of new fields/marginal fields. 

  8. Induction of suitable technologies on selective fields.

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