India, China oil firms should cooperate in Africa: Chinese media

India, China oil firms should cooperate in Africa: Chinese media

India and China must abandon confrontation and strategic competition in Africa and cooperate with

each other specially in oil sector to replicate the success of their oil firms’ collaboration in a third

country, state-run Chinese media said.

“India and China must abandon the mindset of confrontation and strategic competition,” an article

in the state-run Global Times said.

“In fairness, the two nations can cooperate with each other in many fields in Africa, particularly oil.

India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) and China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) have set a

successful precedent for cooperation in a third country, and this experience can be used as a

reference for deepening cooperation in Africa,” it said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Africa “has once again given India-Africa ties a

pronounced leg up, but China has no reason to be jealous”.

“If India’s economic interaction with African countries can bring new momentum to local

development, China can also benefit from such moves,” it said.

Pointing to reports of growing India-China competition in Africa, it said Modi’s visit attracted a lot of

attention and “some observers have labeled the visit a check against China’s increasing economic

influence in Africa”.

“Indians established a presence in African markets much earlier than the Chinese, but recent years

have witnessed the rapid development of economic cooperation between China and Africa, allowing

China’s economic presence and influence in the continent to surpass that of India to some extent,” it


“But China and Africa’s economic cooperation is not exclusive. We believe that China, which is a

latecomer among big powers in terms of developing economic ties with Africa, has no intention of

restricting the rights of African countries to select their business partners,” it said.

“Some observers now believe China and India are competing to increase their presence in the

continent. But this would not necessarily be a bad thing if African countries can get some benefit

from it,” it said.

According to media reports, India launched an information and communications technology (ICT)

project in Africa several years ago to promote the sharing of expertise between India and African

states in areas including tele-education and telemedicine.

Such projects may understandably give Indian telecom firms a more favourable position over

Chinese firms in obtaining relevant contracts, but China will nevertheless be pleased to see the

smooth operation of such projects if they can promote the development of local economies, it said.

Observing that Africa remained a virgin land for Chinese manufacturers, who have felt trapped by

the rising cost of labour in China, it said “we hope India can participate more actively in African

countries’ efforts to improve infrastructure to help the region attract more foreign investment. oil-firms- should-cooperate- in-africa- chinese-


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