Hydrogen-based CNG buses in national capital

Hydrogen-based CNG buses in national capital

For the first time, Delhi will have buses plying on hydrogen-laced CNG that gives emissions equivalent to BS-VI grade fuel from a lower category engine.

On Tuesday, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan formally launched the 50 buses trial run on hydrogen-mix CNG or H-CNG .

He said Indian Oil Corp’s (IOC) R&D Centre has developed the patented compact reforming process for H-CNG production directly from natural gas. Besides lower emissions, H-CNG also gives good mileage

 18 per cent of hydrogen is being spiked in CNG for the pilot. H-CNG gives 70 per cent less carbon monoxide and emits 25 per cent lower hydrocarbon in heavy-duty BS-IV engines as compared to baseline CNG. It also increases fuel economy by 4 to 5 per cent.

Pradhan also said the trial of 50 HCNG buses will be a major breakthrough in India’s journey towards the hydrogen economy.


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