Hungary achieves new record of CNG consumption in 2016

Hungary achieves new record of CNG consumption in 2016

Sales of compressed natural gas in Hungary grew by more than 50% in the first 11 months of 2016, compared to the same period in 2015, exceeding 11.243 million cubic meters of CNG, according to Hungarian NGV association MGKKE. In 2015, a total 8.004 million cubic meters of CNG was sold in the country.

“Although we are still expecting the December data to come in, it can clearly be seen that demand has significantly grown in Hungary for CNG,” said Henrik Domanovszky of MGKKE.

“The increasing demand is the result of many players working together,” he said, adding that society, businesses and government players must all come together for the successful spread of more carbon-free fuels in transport.

MGKKE is working intensively to ensure that soon natural gas-based clean fuels also start powering long-distance transport of goods, providing the only real alternative for the sector. The organization expects the growth of the recent years to continue, and is positive about a further increasing tendency in 2017, and the years to come.

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