HAM introduces new nozzle prototype for LNG stations

HAM introduces new nozzle prototype for LNG stations

As a result of a process of innovation and development of high technology applied to the improvement of LNG refueling, the Spanish Group HAM developed a new nozzle to supply fuel to heavy vehicles allowing to increase the safety and to minimize the emissions of polluting gases. The product is also more durable, offers greater ease of use and may involve the reduction of part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) by eliminating the contact between the LNG and the driver who replaces the fuel.

The disconnection of the nozzle is done without any gas emission to the air. This operation allows to eliminate the risk of burn and the possible creations of explosive atmospheres, turning the nozzle into more secure than those existing in the market. It also highlights the disappearance of leaks or losses of liquid from the nozzle gasket with the tank of the truck so frequent to date thanks to its new design of anchorage and closure.

In this sense, the new refueling connector supposes an evolution and improvement of the existing ones so far. With a double anchoring system that increases safety in the LNG supply, it is a further step toward normalizing the refueling operation so that it is as close to a conventional refueling.

Built in aluminum and stainless steel, its design adapts to the current systems, not needing to change any component of the LNG dispensers at the service stations, nor make any investment in the trucks.


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