Growing boost to natural gas for high-horsepower applications

Growing boost to natural gas for high-horsepower applications              

TRF Energy Solutions wants to make an impact in the E&P sector and its dual-fuel conversion technology have been estimated to save operators hundreds of thousands of dollars a year while maintaining production levels and meeting more stringent environmental standards. In today’s competitive fuel market, natural gas is plentiful, cost-effective and environmentally friendlier than other fuels such as diesel.


By incorporating dual-fuel system in high-horsepower applications, diesel can be displaced with natural gas, by up to 70%, thus reducing harmful gaseous emissions including hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. “Dual-fuel technology allows engines to run on a combination of both diesel and natural gas, allowing companies the flexibility to choose which fuel to use based on cost, supply levels and operation,” said Troy McCarter, Conversions Coordinator, TRF Energy Solutions.

The company provides a fully integrated system to capture and process gas for high-horsepower fueling solutions (including onsite fueling for drilling, pressure pumping and other industrial applications with LNG, CNG and field gas) as it has done for some of the largest customers in North America, such as Chesapeake Energy, Shell Oil and Weatherford. It has already converted more than 80 dual-fuel drilling rig and pressure pumping engines and operates in all the major shale plays within the US.

“As technology evolves and the price of natural gas continues to decrease, I think you will see more companies utilizing dual-fuel technology for their equipment,” McCarter added. Additionally, the upcoming Tier 4 emissions standards will likely result in increased support for the widespread substitution of natural gas for diesel.

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