German energy agency asks to widen toll exemption for LNG trucks

German energy agency asks to widen toll exemption for LNG trucks

In late April German energy agency DENA (Deutsche Energie-Agentur) released a position paper from the country’s LNG Taskforce calling for the extension of LNG and CNG trucks to be exempt from highway tolls beyond 2020, after the current program is due to end. Since the start of 2019, natural gas trucks in Germany have been exempt from road toll charges to incentivize the growth of non-diesel vehicles.

The paper notes that for the development of diesel-alternative vehicles to continue there needs to be market reassurance. One confidence-boosting measure for future investors in LNG-fueled trucks would be to extend the current toll exemption. The paper proposed an extension for two more years after 2020.

In addition, it suggested a toll exemption of 24 months for LNG and CNG vehicles from the moment the vehicle is put into operation.

The toll exemption has so far had a positive impact on the German LNG transport fuel market. During that time 17 LNG stations have been built in the country, with the total set to exceed 50 by the end of the year, reported

Continuing to exempt LNG trucks from road toll fees would support the growing market, while also contributing to reduced carbon emissions from transport.

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