Gazprom restarts gas supplies to southern Kyrgyzstan

Gazprom restarts gas supplies to southern Kyrgyzstan

Russian gas giant Gazprom on Tuesday has restarted gas supplies to the southern part of Kyrgyzstan, which were suspended in April due to the position of the Uzbekistan’s government, Gazprom Kyrgyzstan said in a statement.

“Under the contract, natural gas supplies to the region were restarted on Tuesday. Supplies will amount to up to 100 million cubic meters. Tariffs for natural gas in the region will remain the same as in the northern part of the country,” the company said.

In April, Gazprom signed an agreement to purchase 100% in Kyrgyz gas company Kyrgyzgaz, after which Uzbekistan suspended gas supplies to the region.

On December 23, a Kyrgyz deputy said the country’s parliament is considering a bill which frees Gazprom from import duties, as the gas, which will be supplied under the contract, will in fact be produced in Kyrgyzstan, but a 35% export duty will be imposed on it due to it being indirectly supplied.

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