Gazprom puts into operation Europe’s biggest CNG station

Gazprom puts into operation Europe’s biggest CNG station

A ceremonial event celebrating the commissioning of two new natural gas stations has taken place in Moscow via a video link at the meeting of the Gazprom Board of Directors. Now that these two new filling stations have been brought onstream, the total number of Gazprom’s natural gas refueling facilities in Moscow and the adjacent territory has increased to seven.

Situated at the intersection of Zenitchikov and Dubravnaya Streets, CNG station No. 2 with the annual design capacity of 29.8 million cubic meters is the largest in Europe (along with the CNG station opened on the Levoberezhnaya Street in 2017). The station has 12 gas pumps ensuring a daily throughput of 1,600 vehicles.

CNG filling station No. 5, located on Podolskikh Kursantov Street, has the annual design capacity of 8.9 million cubic meters of natural gas and is equipped with six pumps allowing to refill 480 vehicles a day.

These new facilities were built using domestic equipment and materials. Mosgortans (Moscow City Transport Authority, passenger transportation) and Ecotechprom (disposal of household waste) will be the main consumers of natural gas. The use of this eco-friendly vehicle fuel will help establishing a more comfortable urban environment in Moscow.

“Natural gas as a vehicle fuel is a guarantee of eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and safety that should be embraced in transport sector of any world capital city, including Moscow, where we are consistently expanding our gas refueling network. Our further objective is to open two more state-of-the-art stations this year,” said Viktor Zubkov Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors. “It is particularly important that we widely engage domestic car and equipment manufacturers in developing the NGV market. And each new station has a beneficial impact on the economic and social growth of the country.”

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