GAIL to soon open 3 CNG Outlets in Muzaffarpur, Bihar

GAIL to soon open 3 CNG Outlets in Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Beside Patna, Gaya, and Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur is one of the most polluted cities in Bihar.

Not Just in Bihar only, Muzaffarpur is one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Due to rising pollution, the city has a growing number of asthma, tuberculosis, and allergies patients.

There are numerous reasons for rising pollution in the city, but vehicle emission is the primary one.

Seems like that is why the state transport department has decided to operate CNG powered vehicles in the city.

From June next year, Muzaffarpur to start operating vehicles with Condensed Natural Gas i.e. CNG.

To achieve the same, the state transport department has partnered with the Gas Authority of India Limited i.e. GAIL.

It is said, GAIL to soon open 3 CNG outlets at three places in the city.

The Principal Secretary of State Transport Department, Sanjay Aggrawal has asked the District Transport Officer to mark locations for opening these outlets.

The District Transport officer, on the other hand, has marked three locations where these outlets could be opened.

These three locations are, the first one is in Bariya, the second one is in between the Imlichatti to Station Road, and the third one is in between Pakkisarai to Jail Chowk.

The city has already banned the registration of new diesel vehicles and once these CNG outlets starts operating in the city, it will be mandatory to run commercial vehicles like cab and taxis with CNG only.

In addition of selling the CNG powered vehicles, these CNG outlets will also refill the CNG powered vehicles.

Patna has already started operating the CNG powered vehicles and now it’s time for Muzaffarpur and Bhagalpur to do the same.

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