Gadkari speaks over petrol prices becoming a big issue across India

Gadkari speaks over petrol prices becoming a big issue across India

Nagpur: The country’s Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the first Commercial Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) filling station in Nagpur last Sunday. Meanwhile, he said, “The high use of alternative fuels like LNG, CNG and ethanol will provide relief from the hike in petrol prices, which is now causing inconvenience to the people.” Further, Nitin Gadkari said, “The use of ethanol as vehicle fuel will help save at least Rs 20 per litre despite less calorific value than petrol.”

Further highlighting the economic benefits of LNG, the Minister said, “The data shows that the average cost of converting a traditional truck engine into an LNG engine was Rs 10 lakh. Trucks run about 98,000 km a year, so there will be a saving of Rs 11 lakh per vehicle in 9-10 months after conversion to LNG.” The Union Minister also said, “We are spending Rs 8 lakh crore on import of petrol, diesel and petroleum products in our economy, which is a big challenge. We have formulated a policy which encourages the option of import to be cost effective pollution free and indigenous ethanol, bio-CNG, LNG and hydrogen fuel development.”

The Union Minister also said, “The Ministry is constantly working on various alternative fuels. We have to use surpluses to protect rice, maize and sugar from being wasted. On flex engines, Shri Gadkari said that a decision will be taken within three months to make it mandatory for automobile manufacturers, especially four wheelers and two wheelers, to manufacture flex engines.” At the same time, he also said, “LNG is emerging as the most preferred fuel for long-distance transport worldwide. Many countries like the US, Canada and Brazil already have flex engines. The price of the vehicle remains the same, whether it is petrol or flex engine.”–while-inaugrating-india-first-commercial-lng-station-mc23-nu612-ta612-ta321-1170220-1.html


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