Fuel consumption jumps as price falls

Fuel consumption jumps as price falls

Fuel consumption in Thailand rose in the first half of this year thanks to the falling oil prices. According to the Energy Business Department, the consumption of all petrol products rose by 14.04 per cent while that of diesel went up by 2.69 per cent from the same period last year.

As of January 4, 2014, 91-octane petrol was retailed at Bt38.48 per litre. On January 3, 2015, the price dropped by 23.34 per cent to Bt29.50 per litre. 

Due to subsidies, diesel on January 4, 2014 was at Bt29.99. On January 3, 2015, it went down to Bt29.39 in line with a drop in global prices. 

In the period, on daily average 25.77 million litres of petrol products were consumed, against 61.37 million litres of diesel. Of all petrol products, 91-octane accounted for the largest portion, at 10.94 million litres.

In the period, the number of petrol-driven vehicles increased by 2.2 per cent on year, while diesel vehicles rose by 8.74 per cent.

Meanwhile, the phasing end of gas subsidies resulted in an 8.74 per cent drop in LPG consumption and a 0.84 per cent cut in NGV consumption.

During January and June, LPG consumption averaged at 18.53 million kg per day and 558.86 million kg per month. Of total, 108 million kg of LPG was imported on a monthly basis, showing a 37.61 per cent drop from the same period last year.

NGV consumption in the period stood at 8.71 million kg per day. 


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