Freight company uses only biogas to make deliveries in Greater Helsinki

Freight company uses only biogas to make deliveries in Greater Helsinki

Savon Kuljetus Oy, a transport and infrastructure business, has ordered ten new natural gas delivery vehicles, and has committed to using only biomethane to fuel them. The new fleet will deliver parceled goods mostly in the Greater Helsinki Area but will also operate in Kotka, Lahti and Hämeenlinna.

“We want to be a leader in the transition taking place in the logistics sector. We are ready now and in future both to invest in and commit to new low-emission motive power in line with the wishes of our customers,” said Kimmo Pekonen, Business Director at Savon Kuljetus.

Savon Kuljetus Oy has operated since 1965, mostly in the Savo region to date. However, the new delivery trucks will enable the company to expand its operations to the Greater Helsinki Area, where there is strong growth in demand for low-emission logistics solutions. The company decided to invest in theese vehicles to serve its customers in the best possible way and to help them to reach their responsibility goals.

Recent years have seen clear growth in the popularity of natural gas as a fuel in logistics and heavy-duty transport. For example, Valio and Lidl Finland nowadays use biomethane in part of their transports. Gasum is responding to demand growth by continuously developing their refueling station network. Use of biogas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the lifecycle of the fuel by up to 90% and is a cost-efficient way for a company to reduce its carbon footprint.

“We’re happy to see how switching to biogas offers our customers new business opportunities. Savon Kuljetus is a good indication of how biogas is not just an investment in a vehicle but can also provide a company with an opportunity to grow. Each cleaner vehicle on the roads is a step towards reducing emissions and clean transport,” commented Juha-Matti Koskinen, Sales Manager, Traffic, Gasum.

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