First Baltic LNG fueling site opens

First Baltic LNG fueling site opens

ReolaGaas, owned by Alexela Group, launched last Thursday the first liquefied natural gas filling station in the Baltic States and is located in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. In a few weeks, the company will be testing the first LNG-powered bus, which is also accompanied by a mobile fueling system specially deployed to supply the vehicle.

“LNG is a new alternative fuel, the use of which is due to economic benefits and environmental sustainability a growing trend in the heavy transport sector in many European countries, including Estonia,” ReolaGaas board member Allan Pohlak said, according to LETA/Delfi reports.

The first LNG bus is a SolbusSolcity 12 and will be tested in cooperation with Tallinn City Transport Company and MRP Linnaliinid bus operator. “We hope to see around six to ten buses on Estonia’s roads by the end of the year,” Pohlak added.


The new mobile LNG station presented by ReolaGaas is also the first to be in service in the Baltic States and will be located in Tallinn.

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