Finnish Border Guard tests bio-LNG as marine fuel for patrol vessel

Finnish Border Guard tests bio-LNG as marine fuel for patrol vessel

In collaboration with Wärtsilä and Gasum, the Finnish Border Guard is testing bio-LNG as fuel for a Coastguard patrol vessel. The aim is to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, thereby lessening the impact on global warming. The 96 meter long vessel, the ‘Turva’, is fitted with Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines and has been supported with a Wärtsilä maintenance agreement since its launch in 2014. The bio-LNG fuel is supplied by Gasum.

In order to test logistics and practicalities on board and demonstrate biogas as a renewable energy source in maritime transport, Gasum is performing two deliveries to Helsinki for the Finnish Border Guard. One delivery is from its plant in Risavika (Norway) and another from its plant in Turku (Finland).

“The strategy for the Border Guard’s fleet of patrol vessels is to switch to environmentally sustainable fuels wherever possible. Testing the bio-LNG in the Turva is an important step forward in fulfilling this strategy,” said Commander Marko Aheristo from the Finnish Border Guard.

“Wärtsilä is investing heavily in the development of technology for alternative clean fuels that can drive decarbonization throughout the shipping industry. We have developed our engine technology to be compatible with the use of such fuels. LNG is already broadly accepted as a viable marine fuel, and we see bio-LNG as a natural next step. We are, therefore, extremely supportive of this testing program,” commented Juha Kytölä, R&D and Engineering, Wärtsilä Marine Power.

“Gasum has supported the Finnish Border Guard’s LNG-fueled offshore patrol vessel Turva since the beginning of her operations, and now we are very happy to continue this journey with bio-LNG deliveries. Using biogas alongside with LNG in marine transport is a new step forward in decarbonizing the shipping industry and we are looking forward to completing more successful trials with biogas in the near future”, added Jacob Granqvist, Vice President Maritime from Gasum.

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