Europe’s first LNG-adapted car transporter truck already operative

Europe’s first LNG-adapted car transporter truck already operative

Transordizia’s fleet has put into operation Europe’s first car transport truck with a special transformation to adapt it to the transport of large vehicles and to run on natural gas. It is a rigid Scania vehicle that has gone through a transformation and homologation process to adapt it to its activity, without losing fuel storage capacity, with the relocation of the tanks at the rear of the cabin.

This new Transordizia truck belongs to Scania R series, with a 410 HP 13-liter engine, offering a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm, powered by LNG. This is Scania’s most powerful LNG engine, which has diesel-like performance, a range of up to 1,600 km. and a service interval of 45,000 km.

“Within the LNG vehicle offering on the market, we think Scania offers a very reliable vehicle. We have been incorporating Scania LNG tractors into the fleet for months and, given its reliability, it was ideal to carry out a more ambitious project by building a rigid one to adapt it to our activity,” said Fran Cobo, manager of Transordizia.

More than seven years ago, Transordizia began a commitment to LNG. Today, 50% of the tractors in its fleet are powered by natural gas and perform long-distance transport, taking vehicles across Europe. “In addition to the environmental benefits, the performance is identical to diesel, the noise level is minimal and consumption is better, so that the fuel savings compensate for the greater initial investment,” added Cobo.

Source: Scania


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