Eurogas study sees combining gas, CCS, and renewables as a cheaper path to a net-zero EU than relying on electrification

(new) Eurogas study shows policies supporting gas and its decarbonization, alongside growth in electricity, could greatly reduce the cost of achieving a net-zero carbon EU by 2050 A mixed-fuel strategy could save EUR 600 per household per year between 2018–2050, with major savings in decarbonizing heat for buildings

Eurogas commissioned DNV GL to use the company’s 2019 ETO model – which did not foresee EU carbon-neutrality in 2050 – to forecast trends under two scenarios that do make this assumption. In one of these scenarios, electrification is the strong driver towards a net-zero EU, and demand for oil and gas declines but remains in the picture. In the second scenario, gas plays a strong role, with demand for oil and gas in 2050 being twice as high as in the ‘strong electrification’ scenario.

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