English freight company chooses the most powerful IVECO NP trucks

English freight company chooses the most powerful IVECO NP trucks

Preston-based H Parkinson Haulage (HPH) has taken delivery of seven 460HP IVECO Stralis NP AS440S46T/P CNG 4×2 tractor units after successfully running seven of the Stralis NP 400 4x2s for 30 months, with each truck having covered 550,000 kilometers in that time. The new vehicles will continue where the old ones left off by servicing the four daily trips between a Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) in Chorley (Lancashire) and a client’s production plant in Barrow-in Furness transporting toilet roll.

HPH it is one of the first UK operators to cover more than half a million kilometers in individual natural gas trucks and the experience has been positive, encouraging the replacement of the 400HP CNG 8.7-liter Cursor 9 models with the higher output 12.9-liter Cursor 13. The Cursor 13 NP, engineered by FPT Industrial, is the most powerful pure gas engine on the market, producing 460HP and 2,000Nm of torque between 1,100 and 1,600rpm and it features the longest oil change intervals in the industry, at 90,000km.

The trucks work 24-hours a day on a multi-driver shift pattern pulling a total payload of 8-tons on 15.6 meter curtain sided Longer Semi Trailers (LSTs). The combination of Stralis NPs and LSTs have worked well with the trailers offering the added flexibility of being able to accommodate a maximum of 60 pallets when required.

Drivers refuel at the CNG Fuels’ Leyland natural gas station half a mile from the Chorley RDC, thus reducing the need to refuel during the 160-mile round trip. In addition, each truck has been powered by biomethane during its 30-month life, which has further reduced its environmental impact and contributed towards the circular economy (when fueled by 100% biomethane, the trucks emit 95% less CO2 than their Euro 6 diesel counterparts and do so without the need for particulate filter regeneration and AdBlue).

HPH was an early adopter of natural gas power within its 95-truck fleet in 2018 and has been well looked after by supplying dealer Walton Summit Truck Centre in Preston. “We have been very well supported by both IVECO and Walton Summit during the last 30 months. Our natural gas trial has been a true partner approach, and Walton Summit’s knowledge, advice, support and service around the clock has been invaluable. Being one of the first operators to adopt gas power has proven a positive experience and we are confident our Stralis NPs have had a neutral impact on the environment,” said Steve Sugden, Director of HPH.

Gareth Lumsdaine, IVECO UK’s Business Line Director (Truck), also commented: “We are delighted that HPH is replacing its Stralis NP 400s with NP 460s, it shows confidence in gas power and the service and support provided by the IVECO brand. HPH was an early pioneer of gas and has demonstrated how CNG is a viable option for truck operators, particularly when running the high mileages covered by the Stralis NPs over the past 30 months.”


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