Endesa will open four renewable and natural gas stations in France

Endesa will open four renewable and natural gas stations in France

Endesa continues to develop its natural gas refueling network in France with four new stations offering CNG and bio-CNG in Dax, Marolles-sur-Seine, Melun and Saint-Denis. The facilities are expected to open in the next 12 months. Endesa’s goal is to reach 40 natural gas and biomethane stations in France by 2024.

These public service stations will serve all types of vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and users will be able to choose between CNG and bio-CNG to their desired mix.

The Saint-Vincent de Paul station near Dax, scheduled to open at the end of 2020, will cover 2,000 m2 and will have 12 private slow lanes intended for use by the RRTL (Régie Régionale de Transport des Landes), and two public roads expressways. The RRTL is committed to supplying 100% bio-CNG.

The Marolles-sur-Seine station, expected to open in March 2021, covers 4,130 m2 and is located at the entrance to the A5. It will have three supply tracks and two double dispensers. It is located in a rapidly developing logistics zone, and transport companies such as PREJAM have already agreed to refuel on the site.

The Vaux-le Pénil station near Melun, projected to open in June 2021, covers 3,000 m2 and will have three filling lanes. It will be equipped with two double distributors and a single distributor. This site will be developed in partnership with the SEM SDESM ENERGIES (Syndicat Energie Seine et Marne).

The Saint-Denis station, to open in June 2021, is located on the N1 national road, a major strategic axis for the Paris region. It extends over 475 m2 and will have 2 refueling tracks. It will be equipped with a double distributor and two single distributors. This site will only accept vehicles up to 10m in length, making it one of the first urban public service stations designed to accommodate light vehicles, light commercial vehicles and small trucks. Saint Denis will have the particularity of providing a minimum percentage of biomethane at each refueling. This is the third time that Endesa has been selected for a project supported by SEM SIGEIF Mobilités (Syndicat d’Énergie de l’Île de France).


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