Efigas & Faw Trucks boost CNG heavy vehicles in Colombian Coffee Region

Efigas & Faw Trucks boost CNG heavy vehicles in Colombian Coffee Region

Efigas and Faw Trucks presented in Manizales the new heavy-duty trucks of the multinational brand that operate 100% on natural gas. Through its distributor for Colombia Arintia, Faw Truks highlighted its interest for the industry to include these vehicles in its production chain, due to the environmental, economic and tax benefits representing cost efficiency in a sector that is committed to reactivating the country.

To date, the truck manufacturer has sold around 200 CNG dedicated vehicles in Colombia and aims to introduce to the market the opportunity to develop clean transportation models that reduce the environmental pollution of particulate material by more than 98% and the CO2 effects by more than 30%.

Moreover, Efigas highlighted the existing NGV advantages in Colombia, such as the number of service stations throughout the national territory: 800 in total, which qualified as a green corridor that is mitigating the damage that other energy sources cause on the country’s routes. In the coffee regional, there are 42 refueling stations.

“For our company it is very important to have an ally like Efigas for its great commitment to air quality in the Coffee Region. We hope that its large customers in the industrial market, in addition to having this energy in their production processes, include natural gas as fuel to transport their raw materials or products, which is a seal of sustainability and commitment to the planet,” said Andrés Méndez, Vice President of Arintia.

Efigas seeks to promote this alliance that comes at a great moment, regarding Law 2128, which aims to encourage cargo and passenger vehicles that use this fuel. So far in 2021 there are already 3,057 natural gas dedicated heavy vehicles in Colombia. Of this figure, 82% is for cargo transportation while 18% is for waste collection fleets.


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