Drones spraying water in Bangkok to improve air quality


Drones spraying water in Bangkok to improve air quality

Bangkok is seeking some better ideas to help the government improve air quality in the capital city. As of now, the latest in ideas, a fleet of drones, trucks and small planes are spraying water to bring down air pollution.

On Wednesday schools in the city announced to close for the rest of week and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha ordered inspections of factories to measure emitting pollution.

Meanwhile, Bangkok’s governor, Police Gen. Asawin Kwanmuang, declared the city a pollution control zone with couple of measures including limits on diesel exhaust and closing of roads.

Ocha said, “To ban vehicles or to ban vehicles on odd and even dates, will people accept that… If we provide transportation, will people use it.”

The prime minister further added that buses could be converted to use NGV gas and improve efficiency of cars.

Governor Asawin said drones could not be a solution in the long-term but it is true every bit of effort helps so even though many people believes drones idea a meaningless, but doing nothing is more criticizing.

He had invited academics and experts to share ideas to improve air quality in the city.

Critics said spraying water from the drones is ineffective.

Director of Greenpeace Thailand, Tara Buakumsri, said such attempt would at least have a psychological impact on city dwellers.


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